Creating My First Blog Post!

Posted at 2023-03-19 by Michael

Picture of blog post

Welcome to my blog! This is the first post of my blog we're I will be writing my thoughts and things I am interested about such as programming, gaming, media, etc.


After much struggle, I have finally launched my first blog in the internet. I had a lot of choices to create a blog such as opening a Medium account or another blog place but I decided to create my blog in my own website as a learning experience as an aspiring front-end developer. Although it seems to be running great, there are pros and cons when I was creating this blog on my website, and also my website in general:


  • A blog under my personal website which is good for potential employers
  • Ability to showcase how to implement different API systems to work together such as using the Prismic API with the AstroJS framework
  • Learned a lot about headless content management systems(CMS) , self-hosting, hosting options(Render,, Heroku)


  • A headache choosing the correct headless CMS. I had a bit of trouble realising you can not just host a headless CMS using Github Pages or other static site host providers. Thankfully, Prismic IO was the perfect solution for my problem
  • Took too much time to implement. I definitely could've done other projects instead of creating my own blog in my website.


Even with these problems, I am thankful that I can finally release my blog now. There are many things still left to release in my website but it should be done by this month and will hopefully release more blog content in the near future.